Worldwide destination wedding photographer Milan Zarecky is based in Europe and provide services all over the world. He frequently participating on international photography contests and workshops with best photographers in the world. He continues to raise the benchmark of excellence as an artist who is admired and respected by his peers and loved by his clients. “Remember, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be better than last week.” and “There is beauty in simplicity.”, those are his most favourite quotes. Milan not only capture natural moments on the wedding day but creates them on his own to keep your story alive. Let Milan's images to live with you.

His pictures can be described as extraordinary, magical, fairytale, passion, emotions,love… and thousands of another words. His style is truly unique. Milan’s ability for creating extraordinary photography from ordinary places gives him unbelievable approach in wedding and portrait photography. His signature style has been evolved over ten years of being in photographic industry. Milan is truly different from other photographers what he do. Many customers are not able to describe what they love on his artistic portfolio, but they say this simple sentence. “It's just different from what I have found on the other sites and portfolios.

Everybody likes his professional and friendly approach he shined through while running around making photos, which makes everybody feels very relaxed. Whether he is shooting wedding, glamour session or lifestyle portrait, Milan has ability to bring out the best from any situation.

SPRING DAY   I`m driving my car at landscape scenery, listening radio, all of sudden I must stop... Nature offers me a breathtaking view of the sun's rays that way through the dark clouds of dramatic spring sky .. I take in hand my Nikon and my head quickly runs many questions - where, which angle, with which lens ... I feel the excitement in myself, my heart beats fast, I`m running out of the car .. I know it can be a matter of a few seconds ... that moment of uniqueness ... Pulling the trigger ... "I get it," I repeat to myself and I feel a strong sense of victories.
EVENING   I'm coming right out of the cafe, I walk in the city and thinking about the meeting, perhaps for the neighborhood I work thoughtfully, absently ... but I realize how strongly I feel my surroundings .. I pay attention .. the smallest details around you .. symmetry of streetlights ... people passing by clothes in various colors, patterns, geometry of the buildings on the plaza ... the original texture of old cracked walls ... beautifully lighted shop window boutique ... "here and there I could situate beautiful bride and groom would stand out here ... photo on the color patterns ... ... this would create a strong contrast .. There I was treated festiveness wedding moments. "
WEDDING DAY   I am just leaving the wedding reception with bride and groom... now we have space for wedding photography ... I feel ready to be prepared, inspired ...

He developed his own mobile app for spread his services to all over the world. Now you can have his actual photography portfolio on your phone wherever you go.

App Milan Zarecky photography for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Milan received some photographic awards in the past years. He is ordinary attending international photographic contest with the other best photographers in the world. In 2015 he has been approved as a part of ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers). He is member of SWPP from 2012. In 2015 he won silver award at second half contest 2015 at most prestigious photographic society WPPI. He is also part of Fearless photographers community.

He is still reinventing yourself as a photographer and he really admires his hero and biggest inspiration most talented photographer Jerry Ghionis. He attended Jerry’s workshop in London in 2012. He also attended Bambi Cantrell’s workshop in Prague. Milan is planning to go for another workshops in future. He also teaching as a lector at his own workshops and classes for beginners in photography. He tries to support and improve photographic industry.

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He also teaching as a lector at his own workshops and classes for beginners in photography. He tries to support and improve photographic industry.

Milan is available as a destination photographer for wedding, portrait, glamour or another special event anywhere in the world.